What to Pack for Your Trip

Wondering what to bring for your trip to Montana?  

Here’s our basic list:

1- Water shoes. Most of the lakes and rivers are rock bed. (Part of why our waters are so crystal clear!)

2- A Headlamp.  Most of property is off grid, it makes for great star gazing and serenity!  

3- Layers. It’s almost always cool at night.  Not a lot of rain in the summer (darn!) but it’s good to be prepared.

4- Bear Spray. Swap out the bug spray for bear spray.  You have a 99.9% chance of not needing it, but you won’t regret having it.  Not so much for on our property, but for any area hikes. 

 5- Per the above, we don’t have many bugs, except for the drought sometimes means more wasps. So bring allergy medicine if you’re allergic!  And it’s true, otherwise we don’t have many bugs…just some cluster flies occasionally, which don’t bother anyone, other than being loud and annoying!  

6- Swimsuits & Beach towels. (We provide shower towels, not beach towels.) 

7 -Sturdy Shoes for hiking or getting around the property.

8 – Groceries. Stop at Montana Market on your way into town to stock up on essentials or ice, etc.  Eureka has a small liquor store, with limited hours (10-5 Monday-Saturday.)

9 -What not to bring: Your screens and watches. Leave them at home and unplug! Reconnecting with nature and wild life is so good for the soul.

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  1. Debra Goda

    Do you rent cabins and camping spaces? Do you need a reservation and what is the charge for either? Are you allowed to have a campfire and to cook? Is there running water or any water sources? Thank you kindly, Debra Goda

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