What to Pack for Your Trip

Wondering what to bring for your trip to Montana?  

Here’s our basic list:

1- Water shoes. Most of the lakes and rivers are rock bed. (Part of why our waters are so crystal clear!)

2- Layers. It’s almost always cool at night.  Not a lot of rain in the summer (darn!) but it’s good to be prepared.

3- Bear Spray. Swap out the bug spray for bear spray.  You have a 99.9% chance of not needing it, but you won’t regret having it.

4- Swimsuits

5- A Headlamp

6 -Sturdy Shoes for hiking or getting around the property.

7 – Groceries. Stop at Montana Market on your way into town to stock up on essentials or ice, etc.  Eureka has a small liquor store, with limited hours (10-5 Monday-Saturday.)

8 -What not to bring: Your screens and watches. Leave them at home and unplug! Reconnecting with nature and wild life is so good for the soul.

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