Restaurants and Bars In Eureka, Montana

Where to eat in Eureka Montana

Wondering where to eat and drink for your stay? Being a small town of just over 1,000 people, Eureka doesn’t have a lot of restaurants or bars, but the ones that we have are great! Here’s some info on where to eat and stock up on provisions for your stay with us at The Tobacco River Ranch. Listings are in no particular order!

One note, post-Covid: Many of our restaurants have had a time re-staffing post-pandemic and have limited hours. Hours and days vary, but many restaurants are not open Sunday and Monday at this time.

  1. Jax Cafe – right on Dewey Ave, great old fashioned soda fountain vibe serving breakfast and lunch.
  2. Montana Market – our community kitchen has everything you need to cook or grill, so stock up at this sweet little store that has pretty much everything you need for your stay! (right in downtown Eureka on Dewey Ave/Hwy 93.)
  3. The Montana Farmacy – not only an incredible gift store and mercantile, the Farmacy also serves gourmet homemade ice cream, and can put together amazing breakfast boards or charcuterie plates for your group – call ahead 1 -2 days to reserve! Or order here:
  4. Abayance Bay – a 10 minute drive or 1 hour bike ride to Lake Koocanusa and you’ll find this delicious restaurant with unbeatable views!
  5. The Frontier Bar in Rexford. A favorite of locals and loggers and firefighters, this is a great little hamburger joint tucked away in Rexford, great laid back atmosphere!
  6. The Front Porch – This is our go-to restaurant, right on hwy 93/ Dewey Ave. Delicious food in a sweet setting.
  7. Trappers Saloon – 5 miles north, almost to the Canadian border, you’ll find Trappers -one of those places with TVs on every wall playing different sporting events, but it also great BBQ and an nice outdoor seating area.
  8. Fire and Slice Pizza – right on hwy 93/Dewey Ave in Town, great pizza and salads.
  9. The VFW. Our only bar! Right in town, great people watching.
  10. Eureka liquor – our only liquor store, operates M-Sat 10 am-5:00 pm (!) Right in the downtown area…but grocery stores also carry wine and beer, if you miss the opening hours.


  1. Amanda

    You forgot to mention Vons Cafe!!! Best burgers in town that had been faithfully serving this community since 1976, need some recognition as well!!

  2. Amanda

    You forgot to mention Vons Cafe!!! Best burgers in town that have been faithfully serving this community since 1976, they definitely deserve some recognition as well!!

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