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Float the Tobacco River in Eureka

Thanks for checking out Tobacco River Ranch Glamping! Here’s some info you’ll need to know:

Glamping = Glamorous Camping. We provide the spaces and linens so you can relax and enjoy your break! We try to provide you everything you need for a comfortable stay. Our glamping is best suited for folks who are self-sufficient or at least somewhat familiar with camping. We run a ranch, so we won’t be hovering! There’s lots of info on the area on our website, and in the community kitchen.   We’ll check you in and then are available via phone or text.  

Here’s some info on our policies and answers to most asked questions:

  1. Where are you located?

We are about a mile outside of the town of Eureka, but you’d never know it.  Our land borders state land and is quiet and free of night light pollution!  Excellent star gazing and wildlife viewing.

Eureka is a sweet small town, with everything you need – but without crowds.  We are truly the Last Best Place.  Just an hour from the Flathead, 1 1/2 hours from Glacier Park, and 1 hour 15 from the Kootenai Falls. Ten miles from the Canadian border.  Come to Northwest Montana, and experience Montana without the crowds!    

Glacier International (also called Kalispell Regional) – FCA – is the nearest airport.   Allegiant offers REALLY cheap flights from the West Coast…Alaska too – and Delta and United fly direct from Denver and Chicago.   We are just over an hour from Kalispell – a gorgeous, easy drive. 

2. Can we bring kids?

We love kids, and are happy to accommodate the spaces by providing a tent or tiny camper if you need more beds. Also a couple of thoughts:

  • A river is not a lake. Our kids grew up on the river and understand how to navigate it. We’ll assume you know best for your kids! (All swimming, wading, fishing is at your own risk!)
  • The glamping area does have steep hills, rocks, and even cliffs.
  • Our campers and cabins are vintage! If your kids are rambunctious or prone to breaking things, it might not be ideal.

3. Can we bring dogs?

We love dogs!  BUT, ya’ll need to be cool for this to work:  You must pick up after it, not allow it to chase wildlife, not allow it on the bed, and sweep or clean up the cabin if there is shedding or dirt brought in.  Also, please note that sometimes our goats roam the glamping area. Damage caused to the property, stains on the bedding, or physical damage to other guests by said pet is your responsibility. 

4. What should I bring for my stay?

Sheets, towels, blankets and cooking items are all provided. See this blog post for a complete list of our recommendations.

5. Does my unit have a toilet or electricity? Can I cook in my unit?

Only The Logger cabin and the community kitchen has electric, no other unit has electric, but they are equipped with solar or battery powered lights. No units have a toilet in them, but there are multiple shared bathrooms around the property that are clean and well appointed. There is no food storage or food prep in any sleeping unit. Our community kitchens have all you need to store and cook – including an espresso maker. We also provide a large gas grill.

6. You’re on Rails to Trails – are you part of the Pacific Northwest Trail?

Yes! The Pacific Northwest Trails runs through Eureka – and Rails to Trails runs through our property, per an easement we provided to the county to allow through-hikers (and bikers, and walkers, and horse riders…but no motorized vehicles are allowed.)

7. What’s there to do?

Our ranch comprises 450 acres of trails and forests and farmland, 1 1/2 miles of river, is adjacent to state forest, and Rails to Trails runs through our property.  You can easily walk to town, bike to Lake Koocanusa on Rails to Trails, or spend all day just swimming or walking the trails on our property and watching wildlife. See our other blog posts on area activities.

8. Can I invite local friends and family to visit at the ranch?

The short answer is no, not without prior permission from the owners. If your friend/family group is small, and we aren’t totally booked out, we can try to accommodate, but our first priority will be the comfort of our guests, thanks!

9. Can we have campfires?

Only in the designated spot near the community kitchen, or on one of the designated areas near the beaches. Fires are an extreme danger in Montana – sometimes our county will issue “no burning” mandates too.

10. Is my unit private?

YES! We have done our best to make sure that the units are secluded, private, and have great views. This isn’t one of those campgrounds where you’re right next to your neighbor – or a highway!

11. Do you have bugs or bears?

We occasionally have bears near the property in the Fall. We will alert guests if any have been seen. It’s best to carry bear spray on our river trail. As for bugs – sometimes we get cluster flies (which are harmless, and cling to windows, and aren’t interested in your food.) They can be noisy but otherwise won’t bother you. We very rarely have wood ticks. We do have occasional wasp issues, which we try our best to manage!

12. Is the river dangerous?

Well, technically all rivers are dangerous because they flow / aren’t stagnant. All bodies of water are dangerous, for that matter. (The #1 cause of death in Glacier National Park is drowning!) That said, this is a slow flowing river, with no rapids near our property. There are rapids about a half mile downstream, as you get nearer Lake Koocanusa. There are occasional swimming holes on the river, but for the most part it is knee height. By mid-August, there are usually a couple of spots too shallow to tube and we get up and walk a bit. Whenever you’re on a river, you want to steer clear of downed trees or big rocks that create jetties. We’ve said it other places, but just to repeat: There are NO lifeguards on duty! ALL swimming and other activities are at your own risk!


Your cabins and campers await!


  1. Marney Komives

    Just checking to see if you are taking reservations yet for summer and fall. Do we have to call or is there a place I am missing on your site to check out availability for this summer.
    We will be bicycling north from Missoula and would enjoy spending some nights in the Eureka area. Are there a minimum number of days for your accommodations?
    Many thanks for your response.
    Marney Komives
    Ft. Collins, CO

    • Nikki

      Hi Marney! If you click on the accommodations photos on the homepage, it links/takes you right to Airbnb. But lmk if you have questions/issues -via email – info (at) tobaccorriverranch.com

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