Meet Your Hosts. A little bit about conservation of the ranch and things to do in Eureka, Montana.

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Our Essential Vacation Tips

Wondering what to bring for your trip to Montana?  Here’s our basic list: 1- Water shoes. Most of the lakes and rivers are rock bed. (Part of why our waters are so crystal clear!) 2- Layers. It’s almost always cool … Read More

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Top 10 Things to Do in Eureka, Montana

What’s there to do, in Eureka, Montana?     Don’t tell anyone, but recreation and open spaces abound.  In fact, our corner of Montana is one of the least ‘discovered’ and unspoiled areas in Montana.  You won’t find any crowds … Read More

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About our Vintage Campers: The Silver Streak Supreme Rocket

Calling all Vintage Travel Trailer fans!  Here’s the background on some of our iconic and historic campers you can stay in. The Silver Streak Supreme Rocket is one of the most incredible travel trailers ever made.   The most famous … Read More

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The Montana Experience

People ask all the time what Montana is like.  It’s easier to show it, and when you want to experience it for yourself, come stay with us in Eureka, Montana. Beautiful accomodations in a rural setting. Welcome to Montana from … Read More

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